Can we please talk about this. The most iconic concept pregnancy shoot of all time +  Queen B.  As a photographer i was shook by the idea.


Do yourself a favor and please take a look.

Leonardo Ch.

Heres the post of instagram about this video just in case you didnt see it.

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Talking about Lana. I'm a considerable fan (not to say an obsessive one). As i wrote in the last post, one of the things i enjoy the most is making random videos and lately i haven't but makes me think about how fun it is. For some reason sometimes i feel like doing it and sometimes i do.


This is a mix of a video when i randomly went to L.A. + some takes i shoot for one of my friends <3 and somehow they ended up mixing.  *Can you see the difference? from 2014 to 2017, i mean the feeling.


And of course here's the post of 2014 but i posted it last Year.

DAZED Magazine is one of the coolest platforms of the kind of love and bauty that should be spread in the world. Amazes me with every post and most of all with every visual material that comes up with.

And this video is here because sometimes i watch it. When i first saw it i was thinking about how all the elements were representing kind of a new era about to start in 2017 and turns out that at the end of the video it says "A Celebration of 2016". So got me thinking about how far visions can go. Every frame every piece is so well thought and is also all i aspire to. And i love Willow she perfectly rocks this Aesthetic.

That's all i got for now.




But did you see... this?

Leonardo Ch, 2017.


All Brad, All Day #WhitesandsNationalMonument #CarlsbadCaverns #Everglades @gqstyle #BradPitt Celebrating our National Parks Go visit a park!

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